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That's right Ladies, a vision board. In the spirit of the new year, new goals, new friendships, new shooting journal and new gun toys, I'm asking you each to do a vision board and bring it to the next GNO!

In our shooting journal, part 5 is about setting goals and, of course, creating a vision board. I'll include at the bottom what the journal says about creating a vision board as well as some samples that I saved from Pinterest. You'll probably need to click on the pic to see it.

It can be as intricate or as minimal as you want. Ideally, it should all be on one page, or poster board, cork board, cardstock page, etc. so you can see it easily and placed where you will see it often. You can use Pinterest, google or magazines to gather pictures and stick them to a board with glue, tape, or washi tape. Take a pen to the picture and elaborate in words as much as possible. PS. I'm hoping there's at least one gun-related thing on your board!

Of course, I would never ask you to do something I haven't done so I'll be bringing mine too :) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, go!

the AGAG Shooting Journal


This one's simple, categorized, on poster board

Fancy it up if you want!

Pin it to a cork board if you have one laying around

Another example on cork board