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Customer Testimonials

 A huge thank you to you. Your {A Girl & A Gun} group is so welcoming and kind. Everyone is so willing to help and you do such an awesome job! You and your ladies have made my mom and I more confident in this whole process and with guns!

Candace D

The ladies and I really enjoyed our time with you, despite the nasty weather. All the way home there was talk of "WHEN can we come back!" so overall I think each of us came away with a renewed sense of confidence. Thank you so much for the extra time you took with us individually. It means so much to me that each of these ladies I love knows more about their responsibility and has a good knowledge of their own abilities when it comes to carrying and shooting their weapon. Thank you for loaning me and Leslie your guns! Till we meet again! Lord bless you and keep you!

Liz T., Little Cypress Baptist Church, Orange, Tx.

My Sister and I joined A Girl and A Gun Crosby Chapter that Tania leads 2 years ago and have not looked back. Tania immediately got us signed up for the Annual Women's Shooting Conference which was the most eye opening experience of our lives. Tania consistently encourages us to step out of our comfort zone and push the envelope in self-defense strategies. Tania's non-threatening, empathetic and nurturing approach sets her apart from the rest. Her knowledge and experience is top-notch. I encourage you to schedule a one on one consultation, TODAY, with Tania and share your story with her. She will give you back so much more. Let her tailor a program that matches your needs. You won't regret it. God Bless and always remember, Safety First, for you and your family.

Kathleen G.

I went to the Holster Happy Hour to learn about different carrying options, (I don't carry yet) but I had such a good time & met a lot of new friends too! So many cute options, & learning all the why's & why not's was super cool from an unbiased lady, that carries daily & shoots often in real life. Thanks for taking the fear out & inserting fearless in everything you do to keep women & their children safe!

Kelly K.

My 3 year old LOVED it and DAILY (no lie. DAILY) repeats the 4 steps along with hand gestures. He shows everyone his coin and has his coloring sheet and his certificate displayed.

Brooke S.

Loved the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety class that my children attended in Deer Park. Thank you for having a passion to teach kids about how important gun safety is. I will be recommending you to all my friends.

Jennie S.

I went to the range with very limited knowledge of handguns. Tania had a bunch of handguns she let me try & I found a perfect compact style that I felt very comfortable and confident with. Now I feel much better about going to the gun range for date night and more confident in general about handguns. Tania covered all the basic gun safety, mechanics as well as best way to hold the gun to maximize control and stance. Great prep for anyone who needs a good intro class and/or may be interested in LTC but doesn't know where to start (or in my case, which gun would work best for them).

Heather H.

You are a fantastic instructor and I was very comfortable learning from you. Not only did you cover the basic essential information but I especially appreciated the extra tips and ideas for safety, purchasing a holster, ideas to improve the memory (Will I ever forget "Equal Height, Equal Light" when peering down a gun sight?!?) etc.

 We could have easily gone to a range locally and avoided the drive but it was truly a unique experience for me being out in the open in such beautiful surroundings.  I really enjoyed it!

Naureen I.

Survey Comments from the Women's Self-Defense Class:

"This class has taught me to be more aware of my surroundings and on guard and realize it's either the predator or me and I choose me!"

"I found all topics to be beneficial. I was surprised at the statistics and it was a big eye-opener."

"I feel the class covered a lot of ground for self defense. Subjects covered were informative and interesting."

"{The instructor} was kind, strong, and great with everything."

Jane Doe - Another Company, LLC

I am extremely lucky.... VERY LUCKY to have the best trainers a girl could ask for. I'm not quite sure how I got so lucky... but I won't forget it. If you're gonna learn, take it seriously & learn from the best!! Ladies- If you're wanting to learn from a professional trainer, please try Tania Weber. She will be more than happy to help. I'm glad I got to try my hand at several types of guns and I'm glad I am getting closer to finding "the one" that I can carry.

Nichole M.

Great {range session}. I learned a lot. I definitely will be booking another class soon.

Robin C.

Wonderful {consultation and range instruction}. I'm so glad I did this and will be booking again for more training. Tania is highly trained and knowledgeable and she has a woman's perspective on self defense and shooting. You won't be able to learn in this way from your husband or boyfriend. Book now! You will love it!

Kara S.

We are definitely interested in the private range weekend. My husband was very impressed by my learnings from your FUNdamentals range lesson. Thanks!

Sarah D.

I'm so grateful to you Tania Weber! You've helped me take responsibility to be proactive to be on guard & prepared to defend myself. We don't live in the 50's! It's encouraging to have friends like you who represent assertiveness & protect our children! We don't have to be victims anymore, but victors!

Chanda M.

A big Thank You to Tania Weber! I'm so grateful to have connected with you! It was such a big help to have my initial training session with you at the range so I could see what I was most comfortable handling. And then to have your guidance through the purchasing process of my first firearm helped make this a very enjoyable/stress free experience. Defensive & Concealed Guns Inc. was wonderful to work with. I look forward to further training with you Tania, and getting scheduled for my CHL class.

Jeanie S.

Thank you for the training today Tania! I enjoyed my first class and learned a lot!! Looking forward to Round 2!!

Michelle W.