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Who am I, anyway...

I'm a mom of two kiddos, an architect and residential property manager. I didn't always like guns. In fact, I hated them. At age 18, I was assaulted at gunpoint, which really created a lot of mental trauma. Ug. {More on that later} At age 23 a similar incident occurred. It wasn't until I started my property management business that I forced myself out of my comfort zone to conquer the very thing that scared me... I learned to shoot a handgun. I acquired my LTC (formerly CHL) and became diligent about carrying my handgun. I have since been in other altercations with ill-willed people but I am a firm believer that life is what you make of it. I decided to use my life experiences to help bring awareness to and empower other women to learn how to defend themselves, should the need arise.

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I began shoot competitively in IDPA, USPSA, and PASS in 2013. The following year I was honored to be selected to compete in the 2014 IDPA National Championship where I placed 5th in the division of SSP Marksman (High Lady in that division) and out of 44 women shooters, I placed 7th. That's when I started this company and began teaching one-on-one classroom and range sessions to help other women get comfortable shooting a handgun. Additionally, I teach situational awareness classes because I feel that's equally important. If you carry a handgun, but you don't know who's behind you then that gun isn't going to do you much good. And because I have guns in my home where my small children live, I was drawn to teach the NRA Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program to toddlers thru children around the 3rd grade in our community (as well as my own children!) In this program, I also get to talk to the parents about gun safety.

I'm an NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor, an IDPA and NRA Safety Officer and local chapter facilitator for A Girl And A Gun Women's Shooting League. I also have '27 Close Calls' and 'Stop The Bleed' credentials and I try to stay proficient in the Rape Aggression Defense course when offered locally. If you haven't taken it yet, find out where it's offered near you and GO!


I met Tom, a fellow shooter, at a recent IDPA match. In passing, he asked me how I got into shooting and my answer shocked him: "FEAR." I told him my gun story and he felt compelled to write an article about me. Here's what he wrote:

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My Story

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This story, as well as many of my training videos, has been featured on the A Girl and A Gun newsletter, the largest women's shooting club in the nation.

Recently named Clear Lake and Pasadena's "Most Loved" learning center!